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Ushio - Japanese Restaurant

USHIO is the first yakiniku restaurant which leads the akami barbecue trend from Fukuoka to Hong Kong and specializes in premium farm-to-table Shinmura Wagyu from Kagoshima. Led by the Japanese head chef from original USHIO, Hong Kong branch as the first overseas flagship store, also uses Shinmura Wagyu which is exclusively offered in Hong Kong. Guests can enjoy the authentic flavour of various cuts of wagyu, even some rare cuts, together with the secret sauce.

Special cutting technique is the key to keep the tenderness of lean cut of wagyu (akami). “USHIO Special Assorted Akami Wagyu Platter 7 kinds (1 slice)”, which is selected by head chef every day, is a must to order at USHIO. Another signature dish “USHIO Special Assorted Wagyu Platter 5 kinds (2 slices)” shows the prefect marbling and flavours of Shinmura Wagyu.

Pre-order of rare Wagyu cuts and wagyu storing service is available here. With around 5,300 sq. ft., the restaurant provides 2 VIP rooms for private events.


PHONE  2328 2318
OPENING HOURS 12:00pm – 3:00pm
6:00pm – 10:30pm